Aulric Skorn

No-nonsense murderhobo



  • Grew up in a fishing village constantly raided by goblins. As a result, he has a fierce hatred of goblins and an unquenchable thirst to prove his strength.
  • He tried piracy as a means to get away from his fishing village, but felt unfulfilled in that life as he didn’t have that many opportunities to truly show his power in contests of might.
  • Motivated almost solely by glory and fame, with a side of plunder.


  • Return home and squash the goblins once and for all.
  • Become the deadliest weapon master


  • Haunted by childhood memories (make him do a DC XX WIS saving throw at some point if ambushed/surprised by goblins)
  • Overly competitive



  • member of gang of rogues who got in a bar fight with Aulric after Redmond tried to steal from Aulric.


  • Human leader of pirate slaver ship Aurlic deserted from befor
    his contract was up.
  • Krol has already put a bounty on Aulric for desertion.


  • Believes family killed, but is working in a labor camp run by the goblins. His family was marches days/weeks away from their town after one raid.

Aulric Skorn

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